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Family History

Louis and Elsie met in Canada while Louis, his brother and their father were there working at a Ship Building Company.  Louis Caswold Curtis and Elsie Maude Thompson were Married on October 5, 1914. After Louis and Elsie married they traveled to New York State. 

Louis Caswold Curtis  11/17/1893 - 10/16/1942       

Elsie Maude Curtis  07/23/1895 - 07/18/1985

The Curtis Family Reunion is held on the 3rd Sunday in July every year. Next year it is being held at Copes Corners on July 17, 2011. I hope everyone can make it.


  • PREVIOUS BALANCE - 2010 : $393.56
  • EXPENSES FOR 2009 :$170.00
  • AUCTION :$39.00
  • DONATIONS : $13.00
  • BALANCE : $275.56

Listed below are the children of Louis & Elsie

1. Gertrude May Curtis 5/11/1916 -01/23/2008                                                  

2. Genevieve Louise Curtis 03/22/1918-4/24/2010

3. Ruby Marie Curtis       11/29/1919 - 12/17/1923                                         

4. Elsie Pearl Curtis 02/09/1922-02/27/2008

5. Louis Walker Curtis  05/15/1924                        

6. Edna Ruth Curtis        07/16/1927 - 10/16/1996                                            

7. Ethel Maxine Curtis      05/13/1929 - 07/09/1930                                          

8. Edward Clarence Curtis 10/05/1931 - 04/04/1935                                    

9. Robert Merle Curtis 10/28/1933

10. Joyce Anne Curtis       06/30/1935 - 06/13/1938                                          

11. Joan Irene Curtis  08/31/1937

Wedding Picture - Louis and Elsie Curtis 10/5/1914

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Julie Layne and Scot Van Sickle recently got and engaged and are planning an August 20, 2011 wedding.

 You can congratulate them by email:






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